Jimmy Kimmel’s Son Is “Healthy and Happy” 6 Months After Heart Surgery

Camryn Rabideau

Oct 22, 2017 @ 11:45 am

This makes us so happy. Yesterday, Jimmy Kimmel gave his Instagram followers an update on his 6-month-old son Billy’s health, and yes, it’s good news!

Back in May, the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host revealed to his audience that his newborn son was having open heart surgery at just a few days after being born. Little Billy was born with a congenital heart disease and had a hole in the side of this vital organ. In addition to his first surgery, the newborn was going to need another procedure in a few months. As you’d expect, it was an extremely emotional time for the 49-year-old TV host and his family, but his son is now doing much better.

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Brain Activity May Predict Stress-Related Cardiovascular Risk

By Traci Pedersen

In the largest brain-imaging study of cardiovascular stress physiology to date, researchers have introduced a brain-based explanation of why stress might impact a person’s heart health.

The findings, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, show that as we experience stressful events, our brains produce a distinct pattern of activity that appears to be directly tied to bodily reactions — such as rises in blood pressure — that increase the risk for cardiovascular disease.

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Women with high-risk pregnancies far more prone to heart disease

Women who have high-risk pregnancies or complications in childbirth are up to eight times more likely to suffer heart disease later in life. And many mothers — and their doctors — are unaware of the danger. Emerging research shows heart disease is a long-term threat for women who develop diabetes or high blood pressure during pregnancy, for example, or those whose babies are born prematurely or precariously small.

Yet doctors do not typically advise women about their risk or counsel them to watch for symptoms, said Noel Bairey Merz, a cardiologist and director of the Barbra Streisand Women’s Heart Center at Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute in Los Angeles. Bairey Merz said doctors can see heart attacks and strokes coming, often 10 or 20 years ahead of time, if they are on the lookout. “This isn’t rocket science,” she said. “We just have to figure out how we can find the women who are at risk.”

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Hitting cardiovascular health targets can help elderly live longer

By Will Boggs MD

(Reuters Health) – Meeting some or all of the American Heart Association’s seven ideal cardiovascular health goals is associated with longer life and fewer heart attacks and strokes, no matter your age.

In fact, in a recent group of elderly patients, “the benefit of an ideal cardiovascular health in reducing mortality and vascular events was comparable to what is observed in younger populations,” Dr. Bamba Gaye from University Paris Descartes in France told Reuters Health by email. “This is a very good news, which suggests that it is never too late to prevent the development of risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD).”

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Cardiogram Raises $2 Million To Predict Heart Health Issues Using Wearables

Tech Crunch – by: 

Health tech startup Cardiogram has raised $2 million in a seed round led by the a16z Bio Fund for an app that screens users’ cardio health and gives them help improving or maintaining it.

The company started out with an Apple Watch integrated app, initially. But it is ultimately planning to be a “device agnostic” business, and to make its app utilizable with all manner of wearables such as Android Wear watches, or various fitness bands and activity trackers from the likes of Fitbit or Garmin.

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Ask Dr. Ezeugwu – Faith – #YourHealth

Expect Quality, that’s what we stand for!!

ASK DOCTOR EZEUGWU | July 21, 2016

DEAR DOCTOR EZEUGWU: Can my Faith affect my healing from sickness and disease?

DEAR PATIENT: Absolutely, Yes!! ….How? You may ask; Because your Faith is dependent on your thoughts and beliefs!

How you think about your illness impacts your healing process.  When your thoughts are predominantly negative, your healing process is hampered.  For an instance, even when your doctor has prescribed the right medicine for your illness, you will very likely not take the medicine, especially, if you have no faith in the doctor or the medicine. You may develop some unusual fear about taking the medication. You may even begin to avoid seeing the doctor altogether.  In fact, treating a patient who has no faith in the doctor or medicine is very difficult.  You should know that when it comes to your healing, from any sickness or disease, there is no doctor or man-made medicine that is more powerful than your Faith. Remember what Jesus said to the woman with issue of blood, “Be of good cheer, daughter; your faith has made you well.”  (Matthew 9:22, NKJV) #Ask Dr. Ezeugwu.

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Does marriage help or harm your health?


12 Ways Your Relationship Can Hurt Your Health

How your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse can influence everything from sleep to blood pressure.

Can your relationship status make a difference in your overall well-being? To borrow a commonly used Facebook phrase, it’s complicated. Research shows that strong partnerships can help us avoid illness, adopt healthier habits, and even live longer. On the other hand, troubled relationships tend to breed stress and weaken immunity.

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Maryland Disability Consultative Examinations

Dr. Ezeugwu,

I am writing to you from the Medical Relations Office at Maryland DDS. I am tasked with reviewing the reports from our new providers who perform consultative examinations for disability applicants.  I am happy to share with you that I have reviewed a sample of your reports and I have found that they are truly outstanding.  In addition to my reviews, our in-house physicians have also reviewed a sample of your reports.  They gave you high marks as well.

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