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“The Just shall live by faith” ~ Romans 1:17

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We are an Internal Medicine Clinic with Primary Care Services.

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We are a Cardiovascualr Clinic with an array of cardiovascular services.

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Heart Failure Prevention and early detection of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD).

Feature Four

Dizziness and Fall Prevention that aims to reduce the risk of injury from falls or faints.

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7 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy “Dad Bod”

Article posted in: The Leaf The most talked about body type right now just may be “The Dad Bod.” Unfortunately, the “Dad Bod” has gotten a somewhat negative connotation—the term generally referring to a male’s body being “soft” and “not toned.” Even if you don’t have six-pack abs or bulging biceps, taking steps toward good health…

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Easy Ways for Seniors to Boost Their Quality of Life

By: Jason Lewis One of the lessons we learn in life is to make the most of every moment. Here’s how to ensure you enjoy everything life has to offer throughout your golden years and not let aging get the best of you.  Getting Around: Technology & Health Thanks to modern technology, seniors have ample…

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